Campaign Setting

This is by no way finished. It only serves as a foundation for me to start from. I plan to expand this a lot.

It is said that the Original Dragon Knights learnt the art of dragon riding and dragon bonding from a race of humanoid dragons, who’s civilisation was crumbling after stagnation for hundreds of years, hundreds of years ago. These explorers returned to their land as Knights many years after they had left across the Ocean on ships of exploration, to find an expanding militaristic empire invading their land. Outnumbered they carved a line through the enemy and raced to the shelter of the mountains, bringing as many people with them as they could. Thousands made it but many thousands more didn’t. Instead of the sheltered freedom of the mountains they got slavery. Being shipped across the ocean to the empires mines, being forced to labour in the fields, wherever and whatever the machine of the empire required.

It wasn’t long before the explorers started noticing that their children also shared the same affinity for dragon bonding as they did. Throughout the generations the children of those original Knights have taken the place of their mothers and fathers, and in doing so formed a legacy that ultimately formed the ruling class of Valaria.

There has been two previous wars with the Empire. Both times it was the Dragon Knights that made the difference. The ancient families of Valaria have a special bond with dragons. From these family the Dragon Knights arise. However if Valaria only relied upon her Dragon Knights for protection then she would have fell long ago. Valaria has been sheltered from the Empires conquests due to the natural shelter of the large mountain ranges that surround and form their home.